Fundamentals that shape our work together

Hello and welcome to renewal, a re-awakening of what lies beneath us.  I’m Dr. Dana Girard, a trained Clinical Psychologist who believes in the importance of compassion, understanding, patience, and the ability to listen for a person’s unfolding story. As a licensed clinician, I’ve had the privilege to work as a clinical director for Bay Area non-profits and as a psychotherapist in private practice.  In my developmental and managerial roles as Clinical Director, the focus has been diversity and inclusion education, substance rehabilitation programs, wellness center development, intern supervision management, and community mental health.

My experience with managing teams of clinicians who’ve worked with individuals, couples, and families began as a clinician with a passion for private practice.  Today, I’ve returned to working with highly functional individuals who seek to improve the quality of their lives, and to achieve their full potential in the personal, relational, and social areas of their lives. My cumulative training and integrative approach bring significant insight and improvement to the lives of those who seek to deepen their self-awareness.

While working together through events that can sometimes impact our well-being, we’ll discover how your experiences, though difficult, may have awakened insights into character strengths that support your resiliency. For example, our journey through a traumatic experience will be one of post-traumatic growth, which often supports the creation of self-defined success stories. In working with mood disorders and adjustment disorders, we’ll discover strategies that seek to understand the involution of the disorders to support the evolution of you, the individual—connecting one’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviors to the source of tension, develops resolution, not just relief, from the source of tension


After agreeing to meet, we’ll do the following through a secure, online platform called Simple Practice:  

  1. Schedule your sessions,
  2. Provide a secure video link for your telehealth sessions, 
  3. Complete your intake forms, and
  4. Send secure messages in between sessions. 

The intake forms give you a chance to share any additional information you’d like me know.  I’ll review the forms in preparation for your upcoming sessions.

Afterward, you’ll receive a confirmation email and telehealth link 48 hours prior to each session.  Please accept the appointment reminder option and click the telehealth link to enter into your session.  We’ll meet regularly for one hour to cover the main areas of your concerns and to assess your progress toward resolving them. Although I’m not an insurance provider, if your insurance policy permits, I can provide you with a superbill for insurance reimbursement.

For those who are also participating in couples therapy, I highly recommend that you and your partner take the Relationship Panoramic Inventory for an overview of the main dynamics in your couple bubble.  The idea is that every relationship has strengths and weaknesses that should be identified to reduce the tension that arises from them.  You can read more about it and order it from here. You have the option to request that it be sent to me; afterward, we can discuss the results in your individual sessions to better understand how personal experiences influence relationships. 

I hope this helps in learning more about my process. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.