• You have a friend or family member who is married, engaged, cohabiting, in a civil union or dating someone seriously.
    • You would like to help them recognize any relationship strengths or cracks and mend them before they turn into canyons.
    • You also want them to see where they stand in relation to the average of other couples.
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Who can benefit from the test as a gift?

    • Adults (21 years and older) in a relationship for at least 12 months and look to create or sustain a thriving relationship
    • Any of the following 5 categories:
      • Single in an intimate relationship (seriously dating or cohabiting)
      • Engaged
      • Married
      • In an open relationship or marriage
      • In a domestic partnership or civil union
    • Any sexual or relationship orientations

What are the unique benefits of taking Relationship Panoramic as a gift?

    1. Many people have told us that they gained valuable insights just by taking the test.
    2. The report will offer personalized interpretation, tips and tools related to areas highlighted in their test. These will help them transition from “relationship literacy” to “relationship proficiency”.
    3. They are guided to utilize their relationship strengths to succeed when they initiate, maintain, grow and–if needed–rescue their relationship.
    4. Their Profile illustrates how their interpersonal choices and individual traits compare to others.
    5. It highlights the areas that they need to work on as a couple to help improve the outcome of their relationship.

What domains are measured through the Relationship Panoramic Inventory?

  1. Relationship Outcomes:
    • Fit
    • Global Satisfaction
    • Sense of Thriving
    • Sexual Satisfaction
    • Health and Well-being
  2. Interpersonal dynamics:
    • Expressive: Respecting, being compassionate to, loving, being committed to, and trusting one’s partner.
    • Receptive: Being respected, feeling compassion, being loved, seeing commitment, and being trusted by one’s partner
  3. Dyadic Fundamentals:
    • Mutual Physical attraction
    • Shared Vision
    • Shared Moral Values
    • Shared Healthy Financial Attitude
  4. Individual Fundamentals:
    • Ability to Connect
    • Moral Values
    • Healthy Financial attitude
    • Positive Emotions
    • Positive Thoughts
    • Abstract thinking

What does the Relationship Panoramic Report consist of?

    1. Executive summary highlighting their key strengths and areas for improvement
    2. A detailed assessment of their relationship outcomes, interpersonal dynamics, dyadic and individual fundamentals
    3. For the main domains, normative data is presented so they could see where they stand in comparison to other couples in the validation study

How does the process work?

    1. Add the product to your cart. When you are done, proceed to checkout.
    2. Sign in to your account, or register if you don’t already have one.
    3. After you complete the checkout process, you will receive a unique access code via email and on your dashboard within one business day. Please forward this e-mail or access code to your friend or family member.
    4. Ask your friend or family member to register on the website and use their access code to complete the Relationship Panoramic Inventory online, which takes about 20-30 minutes.
    5. They will receive their Relationship Panoramic Couple Report via e-mail in 3 business days and can use it to better understand and maximize their relationship potential.

Can they retake the Relationship Panoramic Inventory? Will taking it more than once affect one’s results?

One’s scores in Relationship Outcomes and Interpersonal Dynamics (domains 1 and 2) may change over time and from one relationship to another. Therefore, individuals may re-take the test to re-assess their current state as they wish. However, some areas in one’s individual fundamental scores (domain 4) are more stable over time and one may not see a significant change.

Can Relationship Panoramic Personal Profile reveal whether my friend or family member is in the right relationship or not?

We designed the Relationship Panoramic Inventory to holistically assess multiple dimensions of a relationship for self-awareness building purposes as well as equipping the therapists and counselors with additional insights to inform their assessment. It is not intended to direct someone toward specific persons or type of relationships. Although certain traits and trends in one’s scores appear to be more strongly correlated with better relationship outcomes, lower scores or opposite trends do not mean that one cannot achieve a thriving, satisfying and healthy relationship with their current or future partners. During our research, we discovered that many individuals can excel in their intimate relationships but have very different personal values, visions and mindset. The best way to use the Relationship Panoramic Couple Report is to determine how to leverage their unique abilities and combination of strengths to achieve the best outcomes in their current and future relationships.