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An exclusive advanced training on Relationship Panoramic Inventory (RPI), a comprehensive 360 assessment of couples’ dynamics. The report can be a part of your intake process or as a standalone consultation service for couples who just need your facilitation to make sense of their report and create a roadmap for their growth.

This training is for any provider who works with couples and wishes to elevate their practice to a more evidence-informed level.

  • Interpret RPI reports and guide couples towards intentional relationship growth.
  • Enhance your skills for more systematic and measurable outcomes in your practice.
  • Date: September 20th from 12 to 2:30 pm Pacific Time
  • Eligible for 2.5 hrs of AASECT CE Credits
  • Location: online (Zoom)
  • Early bird registrations ends on July 1, 2024
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The Relationship Panoramic Inventory is a comprehensive tool encompassing of more than 12 validated scales designed to offer a 360-degree review of the main domains in a coupledom. It takes 30 minutes to complete and easy to interpret and incorporate into your daily practices. RPI offers valuable insights into relationship dynamics and areas for intentional growth and improvement. It covers 4 critical domains of individual and dyadic fundamentals, interpersonal dynamics as well as relationship outcomes. The report comes to 28 pages which not only shows the individual’s standing but also the compatibility graphs of the couple as well as their comparison with an average couple from a US representative sample study.

Couples have the opportunity to independently complete the RPI, and upon consent, they receive the report highlighting various aspects of their relationship. They also have an option to enter the details of a provider who they wish to receive the report and talk them through it.

As a provider, if you are familiar with this tool, you can offer invaluable support to couples by interpreting their RPI reports and guiding them through a roadmap for strengthening their relationship. This training aims to equip professionals like yourself with the skills and knowledge to effectively incorporate the RPI into your practice, making your work with couples more evidence-informed, systematic, and measurable.

Upon registration, you will receive a complimentary access code to experience the RPI (the inventory itself and the report) firsthand with your partner. If not in a couple relationship, you may use the access code for a couple of your choice. You will then receive the 28 pages of report directly to your mailbox.

All experience levels are welcomed! However, for newcomers, I highly recommend that you take the free introductory session on September 11th to get more out of this deep dive.

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