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Decoding Modern Relationships

Relationship Panoramic is a comprehensive psychosocial test designed and validated to assess critical domains of modern intimate long-term relationships. There are 12 scales and measures in this inventory that could be taken within 30 minutes.

This assessment is primarily intended to be recommended by mental health professionals (such as clinical psychologists, counselors, MFTs and sex therapists) or accredited relationship coaches for their couple clients who are already in established relationships.

Married, engaged, cohabiting and dating couples may also order the test on their own to deepen their knowledge of their relationship strengths and learn more about areas that may need some intentional work.

What insights are derived from taking the Relationship Panoramic?

Making Better Decisions

Communicating More Effectively

Managing & Preventing Relationship Stress

Giving Hearts a Break

Growing & Thriving in a Relationship

Avoiding the Pitfalls

For My Relationship

Married, Engaged or Cohabiting Couples
$ 49 per test
  • Scientifically Validated
  • Takes <30min to Complete
  • Personalized Report & Tips

For My Clients

Clinicians and Professionals
$ 49 per test (paid by clients)
  • Validated Instrument
  • 279 Items in 4 Domains
  • Interpretive Clinical Report

For My Practice

Clinicians and Professionals
FREE Training
  • Free introductory training
  • Technical Manual
  • One free test

Company Overview

Relationship Panoramic, Inc. is a California Benefit Corporation, founded by Dr. Sara Nasserzadeh and Dr. Pejman Azarmina with the purpose of promoting healthy and thriving relationships through validated instruments, technologies and programs.

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